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Sugaring - Level 3: Choose Your Topic

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About This Course

Welcome to Level 3 of our Body Sugaring Mastery Courses—a personalized adventure designed for your growth! This choose-your-own-adventure level lets you focus on what matters most to you. Select from skills training like, speed, precision, sugaring facial, vagacials, manzillions, the 15 minute Brazilian, full legs in under 30 min, learn to sugar with Strips and Sticks, or any area you're eager to master. This course is made up of a 3 hour one-on-one session with an expert instructor. This time is yours to use to develop any advanced skills you would like. Combine any areas of interest to fill up your 3 hour session. This session will be graded pass/fail based on the instructors observation of your skill level and ability to pick-up the advanced techniques. Dive into advanced techniques and trends, blending expertise with enthusiasm. This level is about refining your skills and exploring the endless possibilities of body sugaring. PREREQUISITES: Level 1 Certification (Or prove equivalency) Level 2 Certification (Or prove equivalency) Professional Sugar Kit or equivalent supplies

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Level 3 - Sugar Master Certification

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