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Sugaring - Level 1: A Detailed Introduction

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About This Course

Get ready for a journey that's all about upping your hair removal game with our Level 1 Certification. It's a two-part adventure that's all about boosting your skills and becoming a sugaring pro. In Part 1, you'll dive into the theory side of things at your own pace. No rush, no fuss – just log in whenever you feel like it, track your progress, and fit it into your schedule. After you've soaked up all that knowledge, there's a little exam waiting for you to make sure you're on point before you hit Part 2. Once you rock that Part 1 exam, it's time to book Part 2 – the real deal! This is where the magic happens. You'll get hands-on with sugaring, nailing key areas like legs, bikini, underarms, and the face. It's where you troubleshoot like a pro and truly master the art of sugaring. Our expert instructors, bursting with know-how, will be right there with you, whether it's in person or through lively Zoom sessions, at times that work for you. So, here's your chance to level up in the world of hair removal, gaining all the confidence and expertise you need for a bright future. Plus, once you're certified, you'll unlock some sweet wholesale deals on our professional sugaring products. It's a win-win!

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