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Sugarist Education

Professional Sugarist Certifications to Help You Reach Your Next Goal...

Sugaring is a lucrative business that allows you to work from anywhere with very few start-up costs. Flexible in nature, it is a service that can be done any time of the day. Whether you choose to pursue it full or part-time, you have the ability to create a schedule that is best suited to your lifestyle.

Launch a new career...

So many former waxing clients are moving to sugaring after learning the benefits. Sugaring is less painful, less irritating and longer lasting! Get certified and add this service to your salon! Your clients will thank you!

Evolve with your clients...

Beyond our Level 1 Professional Certification, we also offer courses to level up your existing skillset! From training on sugar facials, vagacials, and learning the special techniques to make the most of SugarSMAC's unique sugar use strip-sugar...

Level-Up Your Sugar Skills

Why Our Courses?

We've trained up 100's of students to date and our instructors have 50+ years of combined experience

We're here to take you from newbie to ready to open your own sugaring shop or add sugaring to your existing business! These certifications are also open to the public for those who want to become masters of their own sugaring routine. Why not take the opportunity to open your horizons and learn a new skill? 

We won't leave you high and dry when it comes to all the possible mishaps you can experience when sugaring real clients. From paste issues to skin disorders, we will make sure you are prepared to give your clients the best experience no matter what might arise in your future practice.


We are committed to producing exceptionally well-trained sugarists who feel confident and fully prepared to take their new skillset into a new business or existing salon. Our instructors will talk you through demonstrations on live models, and make sure to answer any and all questions.

Practical, hands-on instruction

Introducing a new on-demand online training platform for our Level 1 course! Go at your own pace to complete the theory portion of your training. Then, when you're ready you can book yourself in for your live training demos!

Theory at your own pace.

SugarSMAC Professional Sugaring products are the best in the biz, and they aren't available to just anyone. With your completed Level 1 Certification you will gain access to SugarSMAC's entire line of Professional Products at wholesale prices.

Access to Professional Products

For our hand-on demos and instruction you are welcome to join via Zoom or in person at our Winnipeg location. 

Have a group of 10 or more? We're available to send an expert trainer to your city. Just contact us with your inquiry.

In Person or Via Zoom

What to expect...

PLUS! Access The Sweet Talk Society

All of our students gain lifetime access to our group forum space, "The Sweet Talk Society" where you can chat with other students, troubleshoot any sugar woes and build your sugar businesses with the support of your peers. 

Our Courses...

Embark on an exciting journey to master the art of body sugaring with our comprehensive course! Whether you're launching a business, enhancing your current services, or just learning for yourself and friends, our SugarSMAC certification guarantees a confident and professional skill level.


Our Level 1 Certification offers a dynamic two-part experience: Part 1 is a self-paced online course covering theory, while Part 2 provides hands-on training in-person or via Zoom, tailored to your schedule.


Upon completion, gain a Professional Certification in the Art of Sugaring, granting exclusive access to wholesale pricing on SugarSMAC® Professional products. Sweeten your skills and elevate your sugaring game!


  • No Prerequisites or Experience Required to Register

  • The purchase of a Professional Sugar Kit will be required before completing Part 2 of this course.

Learn the Art of Body Sugaring

Performing a Brazilian without proper training can yield unsatisfactory results and discomfort for the client. This advanced course is designed to teach the art of the Brazilian, empowering Sugarists with the expertise and confidence to seamlessly integrate this highly sought-after service into their skill set. Upon course completion, students will master the finer details of Brazilian technique, feeling at ease and well-prepared to elevate sugaring from a hobby to a thriving business.


Master the Brazilian

Body Sugaring Mastery

Welcome to Level 3 of our Body Sugaring Mastery Courses—a personalized adventure designed for your growth! This choose-your-own-adventure level lets you focus on what matters most to you.

Select from skills training like, speed, precision, sugaring facial, vagacials, manzillions, the 15 minute Brazilian, full legs in under 30 min, learn to sugar with Strips and Sticks, or any area you're eager to master. This course includes a pass/fail one-on-one 

Dive into advanced techniques and trends, blending expertise with enthusiasm. This level is about refining your skills and exploring the endless possibilities of body sugaring. 


  • Level 1 Certification (Or prove equivalency)

  • Level  2 Certification (Or prove equivalency)

  • Professional Sugar Kit or equivalent supplies

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What our students are saying...

I took the sugaring course and as nervous as I was Billie-Jo and Sheila were amazing!! I love the products they use which are all natural which is amazing. They truly made me feel welcomed and comfortable through out it all! So happy I went this route! Will definitely stay in contact with these amazing women!

Kayla Meek

I was just certified at SugarShop over the last couple days! The course was packed full of honest, informative and hands on experience. It was so awesome to learn with instructors that make you feel comfortable and safe, definitely makes it easier to soak up all the important information they are providing. 5/5. So glad I took their training. THANKS LADIES!

Michelle Napper

I had a wonderful experience with the ladies and our instructor Melanie was so very patient, informative and professional, I’m happy I chose to do my training here. I strongly hope those that are thinking about sugaring apply here, you won’t regret it!

Carrie LTrout

Just took the course and the trainers are great! Answered any questions that the students had and was very helpful and encouraging while doing hands on work. These ladies showed me how a proper sugaring experience should be and I'm so grateful that they are sharing their combined wealth of knowledge of the art of sugaring and business. Thank you Billie-Jo and Sheila!

Sheila Nguyen

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